Festina Lente

Festina Lente, or ‘Make haste slowly’, is the guiding principle of Saskia de Maat’s coaching and consultancy practice. Our services include individual (executive) coaching, advice and professionalisation. Our main goal is to help people to perform better.

People are driven (‘make haste’) by various conscious and subconscious motives and skills which lead them to evolve, work, establish relationships, love and play. These qualities provide our lives with a sense of direction, meaning and purpose.

However, sometimes people experience problems, such as conflicts or a stagnation of desired developments. Then, it’s time to take things ‘Lente’ (‘slowly’): take a moment to reflect. Coaching can provide an insight into the challenges people face. Festina Lente builds on people’s drive and talents as well as on the need for reflection.

Saskia de Maat combines her extensive experience in corporate life with a history of fifteen years working as a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, lecturer and scientific researcher. She is curious about what drives and inspires people, the ‘story behind the story’, and she enjoys guiding others in their reflection process. Her style is characterised by concepts such as respect, depth, analytical thinking and a sense of humour.